Events combined with the luxury, pampering and adventure of a cruise are like no other experience you will ever have. As someone who has done it 25 times, I can tell you that it is the best way to learn, play, network, and build relationships with friends, family and business associates - that I have ever seen.

You will arrive, we will meet on the back deck as the ship is setting sail, and we will gather everyone to let you know our dinner plans, and where we will meet for our first training. If you miss this, no worries, we will look for you at dinner to get you any information you need about the training location.

For the first night, your dinner will be assigned seating. The nights after that, you will be free to move within an area and sit with any QuantumLeap cruiser you choose. Each of the speakers will have a table where they will remain, and you can choose to sit when there is an available spot at any of them, and meet them at your leisure. To make it fair for all guests, once you have sat with a speaker, please choose another or meet more guests. Everyone on this cruise will be worth getting to know.

Our trainings at sea will go from 9:30am to 5pm. This will give you tons of time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and then get all the information you need while we are at sea. After training you are welcome to visit with any speaker, connect and network with other guests, until you head to dinner at 8:00pm. Then after dinner you can head to a show or meet at the back of the ship for Pizza and Partnering.

There will be lots of time to get exactly what you need.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


It’s not all brainstorming and work with no play. The networking events combine business, mingling and fun for the family. Not only will you be learning in a fun environment, but the level of play you and your family can enjoy is endless. It's the perfect time to indulge in things you already love, and new favorites you're about to. Whether you're laughing out loud at The Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez, joining in on the Karaoke, calling out Bingo, limboing on the pool deck, relaxing in the hot tub, working out at the fitness center, busting out at the dance club, learning about gems or the islands or just chilling out at the spa, you’ll discover onboard activities that satisfy your fun bug and elevate your senses.

QuantumLeap Results Presentations

Each training at sea day will be crafted to personally get you the information you need for your business covering online branding, marketing, social media, linkedin, sales mastery, and so much more. By time you are finished you will have a blueprint that will QuantumLeap your business results and relationships that will help get you there.


The location is a spectacular ship at sea to remove the distractions of phone, email, internet, staff, and anything else that will prevent you from working on your business. This type of environment allows you to dream bigger, you relax so you can think more deeply, and you are surrounded by positive people who think out of the box. It's a combination so powerful it can only be done at sea. The results will be beyond your wildest imagination and you will be completed re-energized, re-invigorated and ready to reach your next level results.

Gourmet food

World class cuisine around the clock. You can choose to dine in your room on your balcony before the day starts, snack all day, lunch with friends and families, partake in the most powerful round robin networking dinners with gourmet selections, and end the day with pizza and partnering. It's or Perform (and think) your best with world class cuisine. Round Robin Networking Dinners are fun and relaxing.